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Head Rest Cover Embroidery

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CAR Motorsports offers top quality head rest cover embroidery for your car.

Headrest Cover installed loose on the headrest.The Leather Headrest Cover with the logoClose up of the stitchingThis is what the original headrest looks like once it's been removed from the seat (just grab and pull carefully to remove this part)Close up of the staples holding the cover in place.  Just remove the staples and the cover will come off easily, then send it off to CAR Motorsports ...



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Customer Testimonial:


Got the embroidered headrests yesterday and they look great, quality work (CAR Motorsports) !

I had my new leather covers that I got when I bought the new leathers for my front seats sent off to (CAR Motorsports) to have them embroidered and they turned out great, size of logo is perfect and the detail is great.

I picked up a spare set of headrests a year ago or so...from a GTA with cloth seats so I will use these headrests for my new embroidered covers. The headrests come off very easily just grab it and pull carefully and it pops loose. The original covers are just stapled in place so all you need to do is take remove the staples and carefully take the leather / cloth off the headrests and send them off to Carmotorsports.

(CAR Motorsports) have provided all the to order, etc.



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