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Patented FilterMAG Oil Filter Magnet Technology Removes Steel Particles As Small As 2-Microns from Engine Oil.

In order for FilterMAG to remove minute steel particles from the oil system, its magnets must have enough energy to hold incredibly fine particles against the velocity of the oil flow. FilterMAG's patented design employs a focused magnetic force field, that amplifies its incredibly powerful Neodymium magnets, to generate the immense force needed to forcibly remove tiny particles below 20-micron from the oil flow; and retain increasingly smaller particles -- as small as 2-microns -- against the pressure of oil flow velocity.

FilterMAG's patented magnetic flux amplifier technology redirects the magnetic energy normally present on the far side of the magnet towards the inside of the filter canister. The flux amplifier has to be of a precise thickness to maximise the magnetic field. The circumference is adjusted to allow for manufacturing variances to result in a precise fit & alignment of the series of magnets to the filter canister. This focuses the maximum amount of magnetic energy within the oil flow. The successful and proven result is a masterpiece of automotive engineering.

In real life, FilterMAG works by simply placing it onto the outside of the filter housing where the magnetic force automatically snaps it into place. The ultra strong magnetic force starts to work - forcibly trapping unwanted particles "locked" against the inside walls of your traditional filter.

FACT: Metal particles of any size cause engine wear.

SAE Studies Show 70% wear reduction when metal particles 15-Micron and larger are removed. A huge increase in wear reduction is anticipated at the 2-Micron Level. The PROBLEM, however, is that oil filters can't and don't trap and stop metal contaminates of this size. If you're serious about better performance, longer engine life and protecting your engine's vital components, you need a FilterMAG today!

FilterMAG is a revolutionary new product that is specifically designed to trap and stop the small metal particles that standard oil filters are incapable of catching by using magnetic force to attract and adhere the particles to the filter wall. In order for FilterMAG to remove minute steel particles from the oil system, its magnets must have enough energy to hold these incredibly fine particles in the oil flow. That takes an enormous amount of magnetic energy and is only possible with FilterMAG's patented design and the use of neodymium magnets (also known as "rare earth" magnets). By using patented technology to generate and focus a powerful magnetic field to capture steel particles as small as two-micron, FilterMAG significantly diminishes effects of the wear chain by controlling the size of particle circulating in the oil.

There are a number of other magnetic products on the market, such as magnetic drain plugs, a unit that attaches to the bottom of the oil filter canister and several other types. However these products do not have the force needed to hold particles in place given the constant flow of oil. Any debris that is captured by these products is collected only after the engine stops. When the engine is re-started, the flow of oil again breaks these particles loose, circulating them in the engine and causing dangerous engine wear and damage.

So why not save money by buying rare earth magnets and sticking them on your oil filters yourself? The answer is focused magnetic force field, or if you prefer, effectiveness. FilterMAG employs a focused magnetic force field that amplifies its incredibly powerful neodymium magnets, to generate the force needed to hold particles as small as 2-micron against oil flowing in the system. This technology was developed after testing showed the magnetic force of the magnets alone were NOT enough to hold 2-micron steel particles against the pressure of the oil flow. To retain increasingly smaller particles, requires a geometric increase in magnetic force.

FilterMAG's patented technology uses a magnetic flux amplifier to redirect the magnetic energy that is normally present on the far side of the magnet, toward the inside of the filter canister. The flux amplifier has to be of an exact thickness to produce the strongest magnetic field possible. Further, it has to be designed to allow FilterMAG to adjust its circumference in order to compensate for manufacturing variances and provide the precise fit and alignment of the magnets to the filter canister required to focus the maximum magnetic energy within the oil flow. If any of these dimensions are not exact, the strength of the magnetic field is greatly reduced and therefore the units filtering effectiveness.

FilterMAG benefits include:

- Installs in seconds and requires no tools.
- Starts cleaning your engine oil immediately.
- Patented technology from one of the world's leaders in magnetic engineering.
- FilterMAG incorporates Neodymium and other proprietary elements to produce a magnetic force 500 times greater than other magnetic devices.

Filter magnets are not new, but one that works effectively is new. Now that this product is available to the general public in a form that WORKS, we would not operate any vehicle without it. In fact, ALL of the owners of CAR Motorsports have bought FilterMAGs for ALL of their vehicles. This includes our work vehicles (such as GMC Yukon XL 3/4 ton, Ford Expedition, Jeep Cherokee), our daily transportation, and our collectible cars.

FilterMag SS250
Filter size range: 2.50"-2.75"
Approximate Pull Force 75 lbs.
FilterMag SS300
Filter size range: 2.90" - 3.20"
Approximate Pull Force 90 lbs.
FilterMag SS365/RA365
Filter size range: 3.50"-3.80"
Approximate Pull Force 160/300/600 lbs

To order please use the menu below
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FilterMag RA450
Filter size range: 4.25"-5.50"
Approximate Pull Force 800 lbs.
MC / SC Series
Harley Davidson and Custom Motorcycles

Filter size range: 2.5"-3.2"
Approximate Pull Force 300/75 lbs.
Transmission Magnet Series
Suitable for all vehicles with a steel oil pan

Differential Magnet 101
Suitable for all vehicles

FilterMAG is a registered trademark of B&B International, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Sam S.

Just completed my first oil change with the RA250 in place for 3 months. Man what a difference in how clean the oil looks. Guess it really works!!


Gary P.

What a great idea - I love it and it is very easy to install. Again Thanks,